WiiWare (Design Brief - Video)
A proposal on how-to of sharing what it feels to be a human. In collaboration with Megan May Daalder, Cayla McCrae, Nick Soni and Michael Tank.
The Arduino Box (Interactive Design - Arduino, Processing, Piezo Elements, Balsa Wood)
An interactive installation which attempts to makes sense of and find order in the chaotic noise created through action of touching.
Strange Loop (Animation - Stop Motion)
A stop motion animation following the path of a two dimensional character existing in
a curiuos (also two dimensional) space.
4th Dimension Software: Administration Panel (Web - HTML and CSS)
Design and the overal layout guideline for the online administration panels for the 4th Dimension Software products.
Opens up in a new window
Puppet (Web - Processing)
An application to explore the concept of a puppet and transformation of a static image into
a dynamic one.
Red Video (Video)
A 10 second video on topic of color red
Make sure the sound is turned on when playing - the sound is essential for intended effect.
Collection of book covers for Jack Kerouac's On the Road (Print)
A book presenting a compilation of 40 mock-up covers for Jack Kerouac's On the Road
Matthew Weiden (Recent Works) (Web - Flash and ActionScript 2.0)
Flash based website as a space to present recent works of Matthew Weiden, an art student
at UCLA.
Opens up in a new window and a pop up, requires Flash 7+
Glebden.Com (Web - Flash and ActionScript 2.0)
Old (early 2005) personal portfolio website
Opens up in a new window, requires Flash 6+
gelb pants (Scissors, Thread, Fabric and Sewing Machine)
An early attempt at sewing and fashion design
Gleb Denisov - gdenisov@ucla.edu